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Triticale is a highly versatile forage for grazing, silage, balage, and boot-stage hay. Triticale is a cross between wheat and rye. It is excellent forage for dairy cows at the boot-stage and for beef cows and dairy heifers at the soft dough stage. High protein, digestiblity, and significantly higher yields than other boot-stage cereal grains.
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  • Trical 2700 Spring Triticale

    Trical 2700 spring triticale is a widely adapted, highly versatile triticale for grazing, silage, and boot-stage hay. It is excellent for planting alone or blended with forage peas. Very fast establishment and quick forage. High protein, digestibility and yield - proven to have outstanding digestibility (IVTD) and crude protein. Significantly higher yields than other boot stage cereal forages. Superior tolerance to disease, lagoon water and tough growing conditions - compared to other cereal crops. Packaged in 50 lb bags. Seeding rate 100-125 lbs/acre
    • Fast establishment
    • Excellent for a nurse crop
    / bag
  • Trical 815 Winter Forage Triticale

    Trical 815 winter triticale is very high in protein and digestibility. An excellent source of digestible fiber that is vital for the health and productivity of dairy cows. Tremendous spring yields. Up to 35% more yield than other cereal grains in the boot stage. Packaged in 50 lb bags or 2000 lb totes. Seeding rate 100-125 lbs/acre.
    • Higher yielding than cereal rye
    • Dairy quality forage
    • Excellent for nutrient management
    • Double crop w/corn silage

    Tech Sheets
    815 Tech Sheet
    Triticale Management
    / bag
  • Fridge Winter Triticale

    Fridge is a tall winter triticale which has excellent winter survival. Fridge relies on rapid early growth and stand height to produce tonnage. Harvest for silage at late boot stage. Seeding rate 100-125 lbs per acre. Available in 50 lbs bags or 2000 lbs tote bags.
    • Tall, early growing
    • Excellent winter survivability
    • Rapid early growth
    / lb.

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  • Forerunner Triticale

    An excellent choice for silage, hay or cover crop. Plant Forerunner in the fall 2-4 weeks before 1st killing frost. Forerunner should be cut and ensiled at "boot" or heading stage for maximum nutritional value. Forerunner is a "beardless" or "awnletted" variety. Forerunner can grow to average heights of 50-60 inches for forage purposes. Straw strength is good. The crop stands well with higher rates of nutrients. Stems are soft and palatable to livestock. The leaves on Forerunner are broad and long, providing a good leaf/stem ratio. Recommended seeding rate 100-125 lbs per acre. Comes in 50 lb bags.
    • Rust resistant
    • Highly palatable
    • Broad, long leaves
    • Wide harvest window
    • Excellent yield & quality potential
    / bag
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