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  • Arvika or 4010 Peas

    A forage pea that produces extremely high forage quality and very high in crude protein. Huge leaves and excellent palatability. Good companion crop with forage oats or spring triticale. 50 lb bags. Seeding rate 100 lbs/acre.
    • Premium forage pea
    • High yield with good digestibility
    / bag

    Out of stock

  • Austrian Winter Peas

    Austrian winter peas prefer a well-limed, well drained clay or heavy loam soils, near neutral pH or above and moderate fertility. An excellent source of plow down N as the peas can produce from 90 to 150 lbs N per acre. Shallow roots and succulent stems limit their overwintering ability. Sustained cold below 18 F without snow cover usually kills Austrian winter peas. Excellent to use as a companion crop. Seeding depth 1 1/2 to 3". Planting rate 40 lbs/acre drilled, 25 lbs precision planted, 90-100 lbs/acre broadcast. Available in 50 lb bags. Additional freight charges may apply. SEED IS CURRENTLY SOLD OUT, PLACE ORDER EARLY FOR FALL 2012.
    • Fast germination
    • Good biomass addition to soil
    / lb.

    Out of stock

  • CCS Winter Peas

    CCS Winter Pea has been recently developed for exceptionally good winter hardiness, and is known for being highly palatable to livestock as winter forage. Its advantages are availability, fast germination and good biomass addition to soil. CCS Winter Pea can be planted in fall as a cover crop, or in spring for forage, and contributes heavily to biomass when terminated. CCS Winter Pea provides good weed suppression and is cost effective. Excellent cover crop for Nitrogen production. Seeding rate is 40 lbs per acre drilled or 26 lbs per acre precision planted when planted alone. Available in 50 lb. bag or 2000 lb totes
    • Nitrogen fixing
    • Good biomass
    • Weed suppression
    • Very winter-hardy variety
    / lb.

    Out of stock

  • Green Mix - Forage Oat / Pea Mix 50/50

    Forage Oat / Pea Mix is a 50/50 mix of Forage Plus forage oats and 4010 forage peas. Ideal forage for non-lactating cows, heifer or beef cow ration. Excellent quick source of forage to seed alone or as a nurse crop with alfalfa. When used as a nurse crop with alfalfa, remove nurse crop within 60 day after seeding. Grows slow to allow the alfalfa to get a good start before the Green Mix starts competing with the alfalfa. Late-maturing oat & pea mix, reaching forage cutting stage 5-7 days later than typical oat & pea mixes. Seed at 50-75 lbs/acre for a nurse crop with alfalfa and seed at 125 - 150 lbs/acre alone. 50 lb bags. Additional freight charges may apply depending on location.
    • Premium forage oat & pea mixture
    • Excellent seeded alone or as a nurse crop
    / bag

    Out of stock

  • Admiral Peas

    Admiral peas are primarily grown for grain, however they can also be used for forage. Admiral peas are a good, digestible source of protein for livestock. Easier to grow than soybeans in organic farming systems. 50 lb bags. Seeding rate 100 lbs/acre.
    • Grain Pea
    / bag

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