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Oats are an annual crop used for quick forage yields or excellent grain. Oats tend to have excellent quality for forage. They are used in the fall for quick forage or plant in the spring for forage or grain. There is a big difference in oat varieties for forage.
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  • Everleaf Oats

    A true forage oat with delayed heading compared to regular oats of about 7-10 days. They are very bushy and leafier than Jerry and have a softer stem. Forage quality is very high. If used as a nurse crop keep seeding rate low. Packaged in 50 lb bags. Seeding rate 100 lbs/acre. Additional freight charges may apply.
    • Great Forage Yields
    • Exceptional Quality
    • Delayed Heading
    / bag

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  • Forage Plus Oats

    Forage Plus oats are a great choice for spring or fall forage. Forage Plus oats are very late maturing with exceptionally wide leaves. Very fast establishing oat with tremendous disease resistance. This variety has excellent crown rust resistance. If used as a nurse crop, reduce seeding rate as they produce more forage than regular oats. Will produce about a ton more dry matter forage than regular oats. Packaged in 48 lb bags. Seeding rate 100 lbs/acre. Additional freight charges may apply to certain areas.
    • Very aggressive
    • Great forage yields
    • Stress tolerant
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  • Esker Oats

    Esker is a high yielding grain oat variety developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Esker is a mid-season oat that heads about a day later than Moraine and about 3 days earlier than Drumlin. In 19 statewide trials (7 locations, 2002 thru 2004), Esker had high average grain yields. Has shown good resistance to crown rust. Packaged in 48 lb bags. Seeding rate 70-100 lbs/acre. Additional freight charges may apply.
    • Best for Grain
    • High test weight
    • Resistant to Crown Rust
    / bag

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  • Green River Brand Mix - Forage Oat / Pea Mix 60/40

    Green River Brand Mix is a 60/40 mix of a premium forage oat and 4010 or Arvica forage peas. This mix will produce a moderate protein level while maintaining yield and palatability. Ideal forage for non-lactating cows, heifer or beef cow ration. Excellent quick source of forage to seed alone or as a nurse crop with alfalfa. When used as a nurse crop with alfalfa, remove nurse crop within 60 day after seeding. Grows slow to allow the alfalfa to get a good start before the Green Mix starts competing with the alfalfa. Late-maturing oat & pea mix, reaching forage cutting stage 5-7 days later than typical oat & pea mixes. Seed at 50-75 lbs/acre for a nurse crop with alfalfa and seed at 125 - 150 lbs/acre alone. Comes in 50 lb bags. Additional freight charges may apply depending on location.
    • Premium forage oat & pea mixture
    • Excellent seeded alone or as a nurse crop
    / bag
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