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Barley is gaining in popularity for forage. Barley tends to be high in sugar and very soft with high digestibility. Barley is very palatable. Barley does not like wet areas due to winterkill. As a grain, Barley is approximately 10 days earlier than wheat. Great for double cropping.
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  • Robust Spring Barley

    Most widely planted and farm proven variety of malting barley. Consistent grain yields, medium maturity (approx. 58 days to heading). A taller plant height of approx. 34 inches makes it a good choice for chopping or baling. Semi-smooth awns, 6 row type spring barley. 48 lb bag. Seeding rate 96 lbs/acre.
    • Good quality
    • Multi-Purpose forage or grain
    • Medium maturity
    / bag

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  • McGregor Barley

    McGregor barley is an early maturing winter barley. It has done very well in Wisconsin with good winter survival. McGregor stands well, has good test weight and very good yield potential. It has excellent tolerance to the barley yellow dwarf. Seed 10-14 day earlier than winter wheat. Plant early on clay soils to reduce heaving. Packaged in 48 lb bags. Seeding rate 100 lbs/acre.
    • Early maturity
    • Excellent BYDV tolerance
    • Excellent powdery mildew tolerance
    / bag

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