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Beef Pasture

Beef Pasture

The beef pasture mixes are designed not only for good animal performance but also solid agronomics. Most of these mixes are designed for the cow/calf producer and those raising stocker cattle or dairy heifers. We only use the best genetics and improved varieties in our mixtures so that animal performance and yields are not compromised and these are the same varieties that we would want in our pastures. Many competitors use cheaper varieties in their mixtures to keep costs lower and THEIR profit margins higher but it also usually restricts animal performance or reduces forage quality which will keep YOUR profitability lower. We feel that our mixtures will give you the best return on your investment.
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  • Beefmaster

    Beefmaster is a mixture of forage grasses and white clover, specially formulated for raising stocker cattle and beef cows and calves. Beefmaster is composed of 50% endophyte-free, soft-leaved tall fescue, 20% orchardgrass, 20% perennial ryegrass, and 10% white clover. Seeding rate 25-30 lbs/acre.
    Barenbrug USA - This product is supplied by Barenbrug, a world-wide, forage-based company that has specialized in high quality grasses and legumes for over 100 years.
    • Rapid establishment
    • Exceptional yields
    • Late-maturing
    • Persistent

    Tech Sheets
    Beefmaster brochure
    / lb.
  • Highland Pasture Mix

    Highland Pasture Mix is designed for medium to light soils that are more heat and drought prone in the Midwest. A premium mixture of improved varieties that contains approximately 35% soft leaf tall fescue, 25% orchardgrass, 15% grazing tolerant alfalfa, 10% perennial ryegrass, 10% festulolium, and 5% white clover. 50 lb bag. Seeding rate is at 25-35 lbs. per acre.
    • Drought tolerant
    • Excellent on lighter soils
    • Only the best varieties
    / lb.
  • Lowland Pasture Mix

    Lowland Pasture mix is a premium mixture of palatable grasses and legumes designed to persist longer on heavier, wetter soil types. It is a mixture of 30% perennial ryegrass, 20% soft leaf tall fescue, 17% meadow fescue, 15% orchardgrass, 10% festulolium and 8% white clover. All species are improved varieties that grow and persist well on heavier soils. 50 lb bag. Seeding rate 25-35 lbs/acre.
    • Great on heavier, wetter soils
    • Good Winter-hardiness
    / lb.
  • Hay Grazing Mix

    Hay Grazing Mix is designed for those fields where the option of making dry hay or grazing is needed. This mix contains 40% alfalfa (grazing tolerant), 25% soft leaf tall fescue, 20% late heading orchardgrass, 5% perennial ryegrass, 5% timothy and 5% improved red clover. This is a mixture designed for both grazing or hay production with improved varieties. Works on a wide variety of soils. 50 lb bag. Seeding rate of 25-30 lbs/acre.
    • Good for hay & pasture
    • Drought tolerant mix
    • Works on many soil types
    / lb.
  • Stockmaster

    Stockmaster is a dependable, general purpose forage mixture. Stockmaster is ideal as a pasture mixture for grazing cattle, sheep, goats, deer, and horses. Stockmaster is formulated to produce and persist in a wide range of regions. Stockmaster is formulated with improved varieties of perennial ryegrass, endophyte-free tall fescue and orchardgrass. Perennial ryegrass is rapid to establish and is highly palatable and digestible. Improved varieties of tall fescue contribute to persistence - winterhardiness and drought tolerance - and the varieties in Stockmaster are more palatable than traditional fescues. Orchardgrass is palatable and produces into the summer months. Recommended seeding rate of 25-30 lbs/acre.
    Barenbrug USA - This product is supplied by Barenbrug, a world-wide, forage-based company that has specialized in high quality grasses and legumes for over 100 years.
    • Long lasting
    • Good yields
    • Multipurpose forage mix

    Tech Sheets
    Stockmaster brochure
    / lb.
  • Quick-to-Grow Pasture Mix

    Quick-to-Grow is a fast starting mix of high quality grasses and clovers. A festulolium based pasture mix with quick emergence and good quality. A good choice for pasture renovation or a short term pasture as the festulolium will produce good for typically 3 years before thinning out. The other species in this mix will persist longer. Excess pasture best harvested as silage or baleage. Can also be used to thicken thin alfalfa stands. This pasture mix does best on heavier soils. Contains approximately 35% festulolium, 25% orchardgrass, 15% meadow fescue, 15% perennial ryegrass, 5% red clover and 5% white clover. 50 lb bag. Seeding rate 30-40 lbs/acre.
    • Fast establishing
    • Highly palatable
    • Good production
    / lb.
  • Dairy HP Pasture Mix

    Dairy HP (high production) is our favorite pasture mix that we have used on our farm for the past several years. A thick, dense stand of Dairy HP makes more milk than any other pasture mix that we have tried. Thick, dense pasture that maximizes a cow's dry matter intake with every bite. Excellent pasture for stocker cattle also. If it makes milk then it can make meat! We've had dairy steers gain over 3 lbs/day on just this grass mix alone. A very high energy, high quality pasture mix that excels on heavier soils or lighter soils with irrigation. Requires high fertility for best performance. With adequate moisture and fertility, this pasture performs well even in the heat of summer. Excess pasture must be harvested as silage as it will not dry for dry hay. Contains approx. 70% perennial ryegrass for high energy and quick regrowth, 22% meadow fescue for winter hardiness and summer production, and 8% white clover (preinoculated and coated) for protein and nitrogen production. 50 lb bag. Seeding rate 30-35 lbs per acre.
    • Top quality pasture for milk production
    • Thick, dense stands allow good dry matter intake
    • High palatability
    • #1 for milk or meat production
    / lb.
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