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Forage Chicory

Forage Chicory

Chicory is a very special plant and is best described as an herb. Its taproot makes it drought resistant. Chicory is a perennial for grazing with protein levels of 18-22%. Because of its very high energy, chicory boosts milk production and is fantastic for fattening lambs and steers. University trials indicate an average daily gain on lambs of 0.66 lbs. It's an excellent feed as well for goats and wildlife. Chicory can be a very valuable addition to most farms if managed properly. It will not be persistent if it doesn't have at least a 25 day rest period between grazings. However, it really boosts first year production in new seedings of dryland pastures. It's very high in mineral content, very high in digestibility, low in fiber and high in protein. Chicory gets blue flowers at maturity.
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  • Forb Feast Chicory w/Yellow Jacket

    Forage Feast Chicory tends to be very leafy, highly digestible, and bolt resistant. With a deep taproot, forage feast has good drought tolerance and summer production. It also has good winter-hardiness. Recommended seeding rate is 4 - 6 lbs/acre (monoculture) and up to 1 lb. in a pasture mix. Seed is coated with Yellow Jacket seed coating. 25 lb bag.
    Barenbrug USA - This product is supplied by Barenbrug, a world-wide, forage-based company that has specialized in high quality grasses and legumes for over 100 years.
    • Lasts 2 to 5 years
    • High protein & mineral content
    • Highly digestible
    / lb.
  • Grouse Chicory

    Grouse chicory provides a short rotation, upright, uniformly leaved chicory, with a longer seasonal growth pattern from early-spring to late-autumn and winter. Grouse has rapid establishment and erect growth, making it the ideal chicory to use in brassica/herb blends and with short-term ryegrass varieties. 10 lb bag. Seeding rate 2-5 lbs/acre.
    PGG Seeds - This product is a variety from PGG Seeds, an Australian forage-based company.
    • Rapid establishment
    • Upright, erect leaf growth
    • Long seasonal growth pattern
    / bag

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